So you’ve already been to About Us and are eager to join the WGA? Welcome!

Just a few more details –

WGA has embraced Zoom and is now providing a combined in-person and online program. When the lockdown hit we embraced the virtual challenge and accepted Zoom as a new way to communicate and deliver our programs to the membership.  As many as the challenges were, it offered many advantages, such as not having to leave home on snowy winter evenings, and surprisingly a more intimate experience for the demonstrations.   Much of what we have initiated over the past two years, we will continue with.  However, we feel that there is nothing like in-person interaction so we are working hard to return to normal activities.

WGA has moved to a paperless system of member notifications.  The renewal and August Newsletter (with membership card) will be MAILED to members, but for all other notifications, we will send by email.

Membership fee is  $100 for the 2022-23 season..

Please Note: All new members must reside in the GTA or York Region.

Our group relies on the participation of the membership in  organizing and implementing the programs, shows, website and other activities.  To enable this to happen, we need volunteers.  Volunteering is an excellent way to get to know your fellow artists better.  You can learn valuable knowledge from them.  You can also learn special skills by involvement in some of the programs,

If you have skills that you feel would be beneficial,  please reach out to  the Membership convenor or one of the Executive members.

Please join us each Tuesday night, and get to know your fellow artists!

Payment may be by cheque, payable to WILLOWDALE GROUP OF ARTISTS, or by email transfer to (still working on the paypal option…)

Click this button to register online. Your membership status will be recorded as ‘pending’ and you will get an email once payment is confirmed and your membership becomes active.

OR if you prefer to mail in an application form with a cheque, here is the form as a pdf but please still register.

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