Come join us and have a fun evening. There will be an interactive demonstration to participate in.....with Prizes.....More information to follow about demo Please bring a sweet or savory item […]

Portrait Night in Person & Zoom

This evening will be our first evening of In-Person Portrait Drawing at the John McKenzie House. Located at 34 Parkview Ave., North York. We will take turns drawing/sketch/painting each other […]

Life Drawing – In Person

34 Parkview Ave., North York. Please arrive around 6 pm to assist with set-up & to begin drawing at 6:30pm May I suggest artists bring lightweight portable easel; gator board […]


More information to follow about topic and location or zoom

Portrait Night In Person & Zoom

At the John McKenzie House; Arrival Time at 6pm to assist in set-up, and Start drawing at 6:30pm & on Zoom

ART BATTLE – In Person

Arrive at 6pm to assist in set up and we will start at 6:30pm Location is the John McKenzie House, 34 Parkview Ave., North York Zoom will be available for […]

LIFE DRAWING – In person

Life Drawing is In -Person at the John McKenzie House, Arrive at 6pm to assist in set-up and we will start drawing at 6:30pm. May I suggest participants bring a […]


Arrive at John McKenzie to assist in set-up. Artists may bring 2 paintings that they feel need positive feedback for improvement of the work. Fellow artists will advise in group […]

Portrait Night in Person & Zoom

Arrive at John McKenzie House to assist in set-up at 6pm & start drawing at 6:30pm. Zoom for out of Town members 6:30pm

Paint Night on Zoom

The WGA will send out a Landscape Photo that can be downloaded & printed by WGA members. The photo will be copy right free from a WGA member. We will […]

Life Drawing – In Person

Life Drawing is In-Person at the John McKenzie House. Arrive at 6pm to assist in set-up and start drawing at 6:30pm. The John McKenzie House is located at 34 Parkview […]


Please bring a Sweet or Savory treat to share with fellow members. Non Alcohol punch