4 Gustav Crescent, Willowdale, Ontario M2M 2C5

Born in Toronto, she acquired an honours BA in History and Master of Library Science at the University of Toronto, and worked in numerous academic libraries in the USA and Toronto. Now retired, she has been writing and developing her skills as an artist.

She began painting in 1998, and works in both acrylics and watercolours. She has studied with numerous artists by taking courses each year at the Haliburton School of the Arts and at Studio Six in Toronto, and many workshops with the Willowdale Group of Artists.

She prefers to paint landscapes and scenes from her travels abroad. While she continues to paint somewhat realistically, she enjoys abstracting the landscapes and creating non-objective paintings. Her love of colour and strong lines is always evident.

Publications: Gwynneth has published extensively in the field of library science and her amusing reference book on pronouns, “All about me, or is it I? Beware the wild pronoun,” was launched in February, 2007. She illustrated it with various cats and other animals.

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Dancing – 24×36
Birches – 15×22
Acrylic, Masonite
Artic Cathedral, Tromso, Norway at midnight – 16×20
Acrylic, Masonite