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My name is Adriana Toth, I was born in Transylvania, Romania I am a self taught artist. Much of my childhood was spent drawing everything on anything. My subjects are varied, just as my inspiration comes spontaneously. I have created my own style through my own journey of learning. In my life I have moved through many different phases. I have worked with watercolor, oils, acrylics and charcoal. Also, in the past year, I have increased my focus on mosaic and stained glass. In Toronto I have studied sculpture for two years with Sean Cox.


  • 2004 and 2005 Toronto public Library, Don Mills and Pleasant View branches
  • December 2008- Todmorden Paper Mill Gallery – NYVA Group Exhibit
  • December 2008- Solo Exhibit at the North York Central Library
  • October 2009- Mitchell Field Community Center, Group Exhibit
  • June 2010 – Solo Exhibit scheduled at the Yorkville Public Library

I am a member of the the Willowdale Group of Artists and also affiliated with the North York Group of Artists.

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Red Berret 10×20
Oil on canvas
Argentinian Tango 20×16
Still Life with Onion 12×24
Oil on canvas